Re: Mounting Mach2 on a Pier


If your tripod has a flat surface, this is what you need. You may have to drill and tap some holes.

From: [ap-gto]
Sent: lunes, 14 de octubre de 2019 10:43
Subject: [ap-gto] Mounting Mach2 on a Pier

Hello everyone,

   This is my first post here. I am on the list for the AP Mach2, and hope to enjoy this mount for many years to come, when I receive it. I have enough wasted nights fighting sub-standard mounts and am ready to take the AP leap.

   I was wondering what kind of pier adapter the Mach2 will require. In case anyone out there is using a NexPier (a.k.a. NexDome pier), I would be interested to know how you mounted your Astro-Physics 400, 600, 1100, 900, or Mach1 on the NexPier. The product linked below indicates that all of these AP mounts have the same screw configuration as Mach2 (correct me if I am wrong):

   Also, since I am impatient... what's the status on the Mach2 orders? How far down the list are we at? :)


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