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Thanks for your info, Bikerdude.


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Wow....did you cover a lot of sins manufacturers and weekend warriors commit that can compromise their gear or kill it.To cover all this would take a lot of typing ;-)

But you are dead right. The sad part is that electricians often don't get it right and pass on bad information to others. One of my duties was to meet with contractors to discuss electrical safety....low voltage as well as high voltage when working around primary distribution lines (12 KV and higher). I and my partner met several of these guys who argued with us....until we did some demos to show we were right ;-) 

For a start I recommend others to get that test block I mentioned above to determine if their house wiring is good and wired correctly. And make sure everything is connected correctly. I am not going to recommend that people take their equipment apart to check chassis ground, etc. as they could likely get into trouble if they don't know what they are doing. But if they ever get a tingle when touching metal cases....that is a sign something isn't right. 

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