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John Gleason

Thank you all for your comments,

Many years ago as a wee lad, I fell in love with a wide field shot from Lick Observatory of this same region. The difraction spikes really added to the depth and splendor of the image. Wanting to reproduce the same effect, I placed a pair of wires in front of the dew shield on the 7/7 to create the difraction effect for the film image.

After shooting the H-alpha field a few weeks ago for my book project, I remembered that the 7/7 image had nearly the same field coverage on 6x7 film. Registar software easily combined the two shots from completely different instruments and formats.

Here is the H-alpha only image:


John Gleason

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*Very* nice.

But... where did those diffraction spikes come from???


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Here's what happens when you get the AP 7" f/7 and a Nikon 300 mm
f/2.8 together.

What fun, film and CCD. The best of both universes.

Enjoy the Ride:

1024 size

1280 size

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