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Cheng-Yang Tan

Hi Bill,

I’m not as patient. I deleted TV from my laptop and Mac and went back to TightVNC. I might use TigerVNC instead if the latest version of TightVNC drops connections between my Mac and laptop — which was my original reason for moving to TV to begin with.

Also, the 5 min and not disconnecting TV if not commercial use seems to have been “fixed” in the latest version of TV. The prior version, at least for the 0.5 hours I was using, did not kick me off after the warning. But after the upgrade (I did it hoping that the latest drop would stop the commercial use pop up, but it didn’t) the 5 min rule is enforced. So Matt, you might not want to do an upgrade.

Anyway, I’ve moved back to the VNC universe.


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I filled out the form they have on their site to fix accounts that are improperly flagged, and they fixed mine in 3 days.

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If you read the definition of commercial use, 

you can't even read emails by connecting to your work computer (*which* I didn't do BTW). They don't care whether it is incoming/outgoing.

I'm suspecting that they define "commercial" use when I remotely login to TeamViewer (from my Mac )and use Windows Chrome to download software updates! The reason is that I cannot stand my windows laptop (or Windows in general) and so to make it less annoying, I use TeamViewer to login to download updates etc. My guess is that by doing thi, it could be construed as "commercial" use. IMO their definition of commercial use is just overly broad.

If this persists, I might go back to VNC or use something else.


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As an interesting data point, I also got the errant commercial activity detection on my TeamViewer account last week…but, I decided to continue to use it just to see what would happen.

With ONE exception, I have been able to continue to use TeamViewer as I normally have in the past.  Despite the warnings that it will boot me after 5 minutes, it doesn’t do that.  I had an issue where I had a rapid reconnect (basically, I logged in, then TV froze and I lost the connection so I attempted to reconnect quickly).  That invoked the 5 minute boot…it kept me logged off for 5 minutes and then started kicking me off after 5 minutes of use.  However, after a reboot of the telescope computer (remote machine), TV went back to its “normal” behavior.  It still gives me the commercial activity warning, but doesn’t act on it.  I’ve had it up for hours at a time without issue.

I sent TV my complaint that it isn’t being used commercially, which they still haven’t responded to, but, at least for now, it doesn’t appear to be impacting me operationally (other than the annoying popup on start).

Just another experience to add to the data…

Clear Skies,

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Hi guys,

Well, I just logged into my remote machine which is on my LAN (in the same house, on the same router) with TeamViewer and it says that it detected I was using it commerically! No commercial entity has *ever* connected to this machine. In fact, it was OFF for a month!

TeamViewer commercial detection clearly doesn't work!


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