Re: Moving AP1100 to a remote site

david w pearson

i just moved my 12" RC with AP1200 to NM in march.   here are some of my lessons learned.
1) Make sure site has everything ready and you have plenty of time allowed (took me 4 nights,  they said they were ready, but they weren't' loss a day)
2) have backup plan in case skies are not clear to do polar align while there
3) make sure cable bundles are tight and will be clear in all scope positions
4) if your mount does not have a defined home positions, may consider putting a inclinometer on scope ( my AP does not have a home position, so I added an inclinometer, saved me one time).   
5) I use a script to run scope unattended.   several issues i have had....script does not  get a message back from imaging software and just waits while scope keeping tracking.  weather delays need to park scope waiting for skies to clear.   not doing this put you a risk for pier collision if weather does not clear (failure to do meridian flip or below horizon).   I have APCC pro with meridian and horizon limits to provide backup if script stops and scope keeps tracking.  has hit horizon limit 2 or 3 times.
6) need weather data file if don't have roof status.   include additional time margin for roof to open after weather message says clear.    
7) have remote desktop software with a backup.    Team viewer shut me down for remote operations.    Google remote desktop changed app and now runs very slow.   i use remote Pc as primary.
8) have a method to download images....i use google well
9) need a remote power strip....i use data loggers web power switch pro
10) depending on scope type may consider hard light/dew shield especially if in group observatory
11) dew heaters on scope
12) make site IT person your buddy
13)  take tape to cover LED's....amazing how much light is given off without tape
14) don't install around new moon as impacts others who maybe operating telescope starting at end of ast twilight.    amazing how much no moon nights are lost to weather....No moon nights are premium


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Hello All,

In Dec, I am moving my ap1100 non encoder CP4 to remote site in NM. I currently have APCC Standard.

I am looking for some best practice recommendations regarding what I definitely need to get set up out there vs what I can do later once back home once.

I think I need to get done at the site, in addition to a solid PA, is:

Set my home position

Set my Horizon and Meridian limits

I will be setting up a light panel so I think my home position should be pointing at it.

I have not used the Horizon/Meridian limits function yet but it appears it is fairly easy to learn and set up for the first time when I am out there. I hope I can do it in one night since my time there is limited.

I might upgrade to APCC Pro. If I set my Horizon and Meridian limits in standard, will they transfer to Pro?

What else should I be thinking of?

I am somewhat familiar with the basics of APCC and I have set up the connection/virtual ports here at home and my connections are repeatable and solid.

I want to make sure I do everything I need to at the mount at the site. 

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