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Processing discussion aside, it is a pretty amazing looking shot! I too didn't appreciate this full extent of the Helix before. Alas, way too low for me to try for.

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Hi all,

Sharing my latest narrowband image of the Helix, taken with my trusty Mach1 controlled by SGP - set up in the afternoon, polar align at dusk and pack up in the morning. Easy-peasy.

Some basic info:


-> The image is a blend of 0.55 HA_SNO + 0.1 HA_HNO + 0.35 HA_HSO. I know, not really scientific.


-> Integration (203 hours):


HA = 194 x 900s + 157 x 1200s
OIII = 124 x 900s
NII = 88 x 900s
SII = 167 x 900s + 22 x 1200s


-> 4" refractor, ICX 814, coastal location 20deg South of the Equator.


-> The background looks a bit gritty, but the data is extremely stretched, since background in all masters was only about 1 ADU.


Astrobin: https://www.astrobin...q9xl7a/?nc=user


High resolution: https://cdn.astrobin....6_wmhqkGbg.jpg

Thank you for looking


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