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Terri Zittritsch

Gorgeous shot!  Wow!!    At over 8 hours per panel, your standards of are pretty high if this is on the low end of integration time!     Very 3 dimensional.


On Sep 28, 2019, at 6:02 AM, Bill Long bill@... [ap-gto] <ap-gto@...> wrote:

Hello Astro Friends,


I come bearing data! This summer was rough here in the Pacific Northwest, I got barely any imaging time at all, due to the beautiful summer days that always ended in cloudy nights. That trend seems to be continuing unfortunately. I did manage to get some time off of work in late August, and was able to capture some data to share with the community. 


This here is a 4 panel mosaic I took with the GTX and my 1100 mount. The average time per panel was fairly low, unfortunately. But, its better than nothing.


Technical card on Astrobin shows the gear, here is the image:




There are some things I would do differently, and likely will work on those matters, but I am fairly pleased with the first roll through the data.


Please feel free to comment and critique. I will eventually post the data in my sticky thread for others to play with.


Clear skies!




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