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Deep Sky Imaging Primwr by Charles Bracken.  Should be required reading before imaging.

Jon Swanson

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Hi Gang!

How's this for a switch?!?!

George and I are getting more and more calls with general questions about imaging. As much as we both love assisting our customers, answering questions about cameras, image calibration and processing, other manufacturers' telescopes, we need to devote our time to subjects that are particularly our area of expertise.

So we are asking for help. In years past, I would have referred people to Ron Wodaski's excellent book: The New CCD Astronomy, but it is out of print and is also now a bit dated. (It is still a marvelous book, however!!)

Where can we send people - especially beginners - for help?
What are your favorite resources for imaging information? What are your favorite websites? Are there good resources in print? What about instructional videos? Where can beginners go to learn about things like dithering, sensor temperature, image scale, and the like?
Can we assemble a list of resources for our Astro-Physics family?

Speaking of information resources:
TO ALL of our imaging customers, we also STRONGLY recommend that you check out the Advanced Imaging Conference (AIC)! AIC will be held this year from Nov. 15 - 17 in San Jose, CA.
This is an incredible resource for anyone interested in astro-photography. Not only will this year's workshops be outstanding as always, but attendance also gives attendees access to the conference library of previous sessions. The library contains many years of accumulated knowledge and wisdom, and is probably worth the price of admission even if you didn't attend.

May your skies be clear, dark and steady!

Howard Hedlund
Technical Support and Communication
Astro-Physics, Inc.
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Phone: 815-282-1513
Fax: 815-282-9847
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