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Thanks! I would love more details. on your setup an modifications. Do you
have any photos?

Fee free to email me privately. That is unless anyone else needs this

Thanks again.

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HI Mark,

I've got a neat solution for you, this is what I came up with when I was
faced with the same dilemma several years ago. This setup is rock solid for
35mm, I have no CCD equipment.
I use the AP 8" dovetail system on my 400QMD for my SDF along with a AP
60x700 GS.
This makes for a fast and simple setup/teardown and I highly recommend it.
After looking at the other methods I felt this was the simplest and easiest
to use.
I used the Parallax rings which I had them drilled and tapped on the bottom
and top for several possible combinations. I also improved the hinge setup
on the rings.
First I have the AP 8" dovetail attached to the 400 mount. Then I attached
the AP 7" slide bar to the bottom of the rings. You can't directly attach
the AP 8" dovetail to the top of the Parallax rings. The top of the rings is
not wide enough to accept the bolt pattern of the 8" dovetail. But this is
not a big deal, you just need to have a spacer block made which mounts to
the top of the Parallax rings, then you can mount the AP 8" dovetail on the
spacer block. Presto!!, now you can attach your GS rings to another AP 7" or
10" slide bar. I like to use the 10" bar so my rings are as far apart as
possible for my GS. I also use the AP(Vixen) camera mount on another slide
bar for a 35mm camera. You can even mount a finder(Starbeam) to one of the
slide bars. In fact you can leave the TV tube ring on the SDF, set the SDF
into the Parallax rings and then attach a Starbeam or red dot finder to the
TV tube ring. This works nice when I have a camera or GS attached to the top
If you are interested in this system I can give you more detailed
information about my spacer bar and other modifications I made.

Stephen E. Russell

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Hi all,

I posted this to s.a.a. on 6/14 but have not received any feedback. I
figured this would be an appropriate place!

I would like to setup the following:

(1) TeleVue Genesis SDF

(2) AP 400GTO Mount

(3) Guidescope on top. I looked into the Losmandy "side by side" but prefer
"on-top" unless anyone can convince me that "side by side" is a better

(4) 35mm Nikon or Medium Format (Pentax 6x7 or Hasselblad/Mamyia type)
PiggyBacked to the GuideScope and able to support 28mm - 200mm lenses.

Concerned about Orthogonality. (spelling?)

Concerned about weight.

The 400GTO is scheduled to be delivered next month along with a 48" AP
portable pier.

I have not yet ordered any mounting plates, rings, etc. I really like the
Dovetail system but AP does not make rings that will fit the Genesis.
Although I can use the AP Dovetail with a Losmandy Universal plate if I
remember correctly.

Marj suggested the Parallax Rings. I think I would need some sort of custom
drilling/taping performed which is not a problem. What we talked about
looked to me like the guidescope rings would only be attached by a single
bolt in the center. Will this provide enough rigidity? I would like the
guidscope rings to be mounted with a Dovetail system for quick

I've heard of orthogonality problems with the parallax rings. Is this

Looking for suggestions for an appropriate guidescope (I'm considering the
80mm AP). Also want advice on mounting plates, rings and camera attachment.

I would like to let the camera take wide field long exposures while
with an ST-5C and simultaneously doing multiple integration's of DSOs with
yet to be purchased CCD imager on the Genesis.

Am I trying to do too many things at once here?


Clear Skies!

Mark Jenkins

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