Using the GTO keypad with the Mach2

Terri Zittritsch

A few more questions for the Mach2.

First, what is the counterweight need for the Mach2?  I was surprised about the larger mounts needing from 90-120% of the weight of the load.   Is this what I can expect for the Mach2 as well?  I do understand that part of this will depend on how far the load is from the axis, and right now I’m planning side-by-side mounting of scope/guide scope to keep things close to the axis.    I know this isn’t ideal and I’ll have to deal with unequal scope-saddle movement.

Secondly, I notice that the power needs show 12V/24V and 5A continuous.   Should this really be 60W continuous (12V, 5A) or will it really draw 120W (5A) at 24V?    Is this the result of the high holding current of micro-steppers on the mount?  I know when I saw the demo at NEAF the mount was resisting and correcting for bumps/wind.    I also remember hearing at some point that the mount will still track well with 20 pounds of imbalance, am I remembering this right?     I think I’ll be happy that I purchased the mighty-max sealed 55AH battery rather than the ubiquitous battery boxes with lights which contain tiny little batteries (although my arms and back will never forgive me).

Third, I’ve heard that the encoders will give me peace of mind because the mount will always know where it is.   I think I know what it means, but just to make sure my understanding is correct:    The mount knowing where it’s pointing, really only refers to knowing the absolute position of the shafts, and has nothing to do with knowing the absolute position of where the mount is pointing (the sky).   Even assuming perfect polar alignment, the mount still can’t understand where it’s pointing without some initial synchronization with at least a star or three or a model of the sky.   With a model plus the encoders, then you’ll know the absolute position (I think).  Am I thinking of this correctly?
And how practical is it to create a model of the sky when you’re using the mount in a non-permanent way?   Can I create a model in less than an hour, or is this a long process only really intended for permanent mounting and for mobile users we’ll just do a few star synchronization after polar alignment (I guess a model of sorts)?

Lastly for Mr. A-P himself, I’ve addressed you as both Roland and Rolando, and am getting uncomfortable with this ambiguity.   Everywhere outside of this forum, I’ve seen the name listed as Roland, but your signature here is shown as Rolando.   How do you prefer to be addressed?    It may seem a silly question, but I think it’s important to use the form/spelling of your name as you prefer.   I do understand they are forms of the same name.    


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Rolando, I’ve just placed my order for all accessories including a keypad with my vendor.    Should I have waited on the keypad until the Mach2 is shipping, or is this a pretty transparent change that I’ll just get software updates for?   Just want to make sure I’m not missing something by purchasing the keypad early.


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Nothing has changed on the keypad physically. Some of the buttons may change function. We don't have a final software set yet. We are adding in some things that will be very useful to imagers.


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Also will they be the same form factor,  i’ve just gotten used to the buttons 
Tom Fischer

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Thanks Roland.

When do you anticipate that the Mach2 manual and the CP5 manual will make its way to the support page?

Dean Jacobsen

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