Re: SGP/APCC meridian limits vs. Homing/limits

Ray Gralak

Hi Rodolphe,

SGPro will take care of the flipping the mount at the appropriate time. The flip offset value in APCC is there to prevent the mount from hitting the meridian limit and performing a Parkoperation or stopping tracking to protect the mount.

So, if you are taking 10-minute images, you should add an extra 5 minutes and thus set the flip offset to 15 minutes in APCC. This moves the flip time forward 15 minutes in the mount and also in the flip time that is sent to SGPro. This will give the mount 5 minutes of buffer time before the meridian limit is reached which should be more than enough time for SGPro to move on to the next target.

-Ray Gralak
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Hi Rob,
Thanks for taking the time to answer.
To be frank, I'm even more confused :(

SGP seems to compute the time at which the meridian flip would theoretically occur. I let SGP manage the flip by
itself. I don't want to interfere with this - just want to ensure that the current frame is finished before the flip. I thus
changed the setting in SGP to wait for 10 more minutes,

But what should I do in APCC? Leave everything empty in APCC and the AP ASCOM driver? I noticed that setting
values there to what I believed were correct for what I wanted to achieve, ruined my session last night: the mount
has stopped in a weird position.

I wish a recommended approach / clea r directions were documented somewhere.



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