Re: SGP/APCC meridian limits vs. Homing/limits


well the problem is you've got 2 programs, each with potentially their own idea of when the meridian flip should happen. so Ray put in this feature that lets APCC tell SGP what the meridian delay should be. that way, APCC can be configured with some complex meridian limit surface and it can tell SGP how many minutes before that limit is reached that it should attempt a meridian flip.

if you don't want to use that feature (and in truth it's probably not necessary in a configuration like mine where i have the same limit for all declinations) you can just do something like set SGP to a 0 minute delay and set the meridian limit surface in APCC for 10 minutes past the true meridian at all declinations. i think perhaps that's not enough time though depending on what your subexposure length is.

so - how far past the meridian do you have your limits set in SGP? how far past the meridian can your mount track in the worst case before the camera hits the pier/tripod? what is your subexposure length?


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