Re: Tracking and guiding with and without encoders - Part2

Chad A

Ray, I have guide logs but the AP ASCOM driver Logs folders are empty.  I don't recall unchecking the "Enable Debug Log" option, so maybe it's unchecked by default.  It wasn't checked on either of the laptops for my AP mounts.

I shouldn't have to do it, but I'm happy to run a complete test of guided Total RMS with PEC enabled vs. disabled and share the results.  I have identical AP1100 and identical OTA/Imaging trains which get total RMS almost exactly in sync with each other.  This acts as a control against variations in seeing being the cause of (non) differences with PEC on/off.  I will also show in PEMPro that my PEC curve almost completely eliminates PE.  I'll do it tonight if it's clear.


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