Re: SGP/APCC meridian limits vs. Homing/limits


the way i have this configured is that i have a linear 'surface' defined in the meridian limit window which puts the meridian 45 minutes past the real meridian. originally i had the action set to "stop tracking" but i found that sometimes PHD2 might send a command to the mount after the limit was reached, resulting in the mount trying to start tracking again. so for a while i had it set to "park mount" but eventually i decided that if i set it to "flip mount" that perhaps SGP could recover from reaching the meridian limit. but ever since ray implemented the flip offset, this has never happened.

anyway, in the "fip offset" box i have entered 40 mins. i think what this does is tell SGP that its flip point should be 5 minutes past the real meridian (45-5), which gives 40 minutes for SGP to finish the current exposure and peform the flip. since i use 30 min exposures at maximum, this seems to work fine.

i'm not sure what would happen if i had a more complex meridian surface - say for instance if there were some areas that defined a 35 minute meridian delay. in theory that would ask SGP to flip 5 minutes before the meridian, but my understanding is that SGP won't support an early flip point on an AP mount because there are some missing methods in the ASCOM driver that they want to see. not sure what SGP does in this case; maybe it just clamps the meridian delay to 0. but then the effective offset is reduced.


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