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Dale Ghent

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Dale, thank you very much for taking the time to explain that. I’m using an Astrozap dew heater. If you don’t mind, once I get the specs together on all my equipment, I’d like to communicate with you regarding the details of setting this up (I’ve already experienced some trepidation just thinking of all the ways I could manage to mess up my equipment).
Circling back on this thread from last month, I finished the battery box this evening. I did a quick video that you can see here:

Parts list:

Core items:
1. Battery: Bioenno 100Ah 12V LFP BLF-12100AS
2. Charger: Bioenno 14.6V 20A with powerpole connector BPC-1520A
3. Case: NOCO Group 24-31 Snap-Top case:

1. Powerwerx Three Hole Panel Mounting Pod:
2. Powerwerx PanelPole:
3. Powerwerx Panel Mount Combination USB QC 3.0 and USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD):
4. Powerwerx Panel Mount Cigarette Lighter Socket:
5. Powerwerx inline fuse holder, fused for 40A:
6. Powerwerx 1/4" binding post pair:
7. Carling Tech C1005B thermal circuit breaker switch:

The internal wiring harness was a mix of wiring made by myself (anything that involved PowerPole or Quick Disconnect/Faston connectors.) For things that involved ring terminals, such as connections to the binding posts and the battery itself, I just had Powerwerx make them for me. All internal main wiring is 10AWG, with the connections between the rocker switch and the USB+ciggy lighter port being 14AWG.

Tools used:
1. Dremel with cutting wheel and small deburring bit to cut holes in the case top
2. 1/2" drill bit for drilling the holes for the binding posts
3. Utility and xacto knife for trimming plastic bits where needed
4. PowerPole and QD/Faston crimper
5. Wire cutter/stripper
6. Needle-nose pliers to get the QD/Faston connectors onto terminals
7. Lots of patience


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