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Rolando, I use TSX (and CCDSoft5 + TS6 before that) and my opinion is that it is a superb autoguiding solution. With TSX you get mount and camera control in one (vs. CCDSoft5 which was only camera control hence TheSky6). TSX supports Relays and Pulseguide (and their proprietary DirectGuide for their own mounts). 

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I use PHD2 also, but it doesn't support dithering when I use MaximDL for image acquisition. How does one dither in PHD with Maxim? There is no direct connection between these two programs far as I can tell. They don't talk to each other.

Lately we are trying out SkyX imaging/guiding software as an alternative to Maxim. So far with limited success, but probably because of the steep learning curve. I'm most comfortable with MaximDL because I've used it for so many years.


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I use PHD2. I get good enough performance from it and it works great with the automation software I use ( Starkeeper Voyager).

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Hello, I just purchased an AP1100 AEL and have been using MaximDL 6.2 for image acquisition and guiding. I was wondering what most people use for guiding with their AP AE mounts? I have been using MaximDL on my non-AP mount because it can dither. I'd prefer to use PHD but dithering with MaximDL is more difficult and haven't figured out how to do it. 

One of the issues I had with my non-AP mount was the dithering recovery time took a few minutes, I never could figure out how to make it quicker. I don't foresee this to be a problem with the AP mount.

In any case this is a question about what software you use for guiding the AP 1100 with AE and why?

Thanks in advance

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