Re: Portable Tripod for Mach2

Michael Fulbright <mike.fulbright@...>

I have both the original Losamndy HD tripod as well as the newer style
folding tripod.  The only negative I can see with them is if weight is a consideration due to physical limitations.  Since I rarely move them more than 15 ft from the car when going to a dark site the weight really
doesn't matter to me.  I actually leave the non-folding one on a deck permanently with a tarp over it for imaging at home (it tends to stay
within 20 arcmin of polar alignment) and after 3 years I can see no real
rust or weathering.

I used to own a much pricier ATS pier which was amazingly light and had
better adjustments to level the tripod but in the end both solutions
held the mount nice and robustly so I went with the solution that was
fraction of the cost and saved enough for an ASI cooled camera.

Michael Fulbright

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