Re: Portable Tripod for Mach2


1) AP has a very easy way to mount the Mach1 on the T-110/T-130: ADATRI + CBAPT + Q6280Kit. 
4) The T-Pod is really a wonderful tripod--no other way to put it. Dual clamps on all legs. Great carrying bag, can fit with the ADATRI attached. ADATRI just screws on with three socket-head screws and never leaves again. Very solid brace. 

Also, very quick assembly (I disagree with the person who said it takes a lot of time to set it up--I just plop my Mach 1 on top, attach the Q6280Kit (one hand-screw) attach the CBAPT (screw that needs an allen wrench) and add the other two screws for the ADATRI. CP4 rests on the CBAPT with two top hand-screws (that only need one turn) for security. Overall, I would say less than 2 minutes for sure for the whole thing.

For visual the T-130 will probably be quite tall enough for you. For AP, I always retract the legs (at my height, the T-130 was entirely unnecessary). 

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