Re: AP1100 backstop adjustment

Roland Christen

Then the next thing you want to do is to check the end play of the worm. The worm itself rides on two roller bearings. The bearings are held in place by end float nuts. One is fixed in place and is underneath the spur gear and so is not accessible or adjustable. The other end is accessible and can be seen if you unscrew the round cover knob that is right next to the spring lever area. That knob is about the size of a half dollar and may be either knurled or in later mounts would have two holes for use with a spanner wrench.

Underneath you will see a slotted nut that is used to hold the worm in place. If it is loose, the worm itself can move sideways back and forth when the counterweight shaft is moved. Tighten it with a spanner wrench (clockwise tightens) or if you don't have that, you can use two small drillbits - place the shanks into the holes and use a screwdriver for leverage. Tighten until no more movement is felt.

By the way, none of this will make a bit of difference in tracking or guiding since the RA gears are always driving in one direction and never have to reverse.


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Thanks Roland for the response.  

I can confirm that the CW bar is all the way in, and there is motion detected if I put my finger on the interface between the RA axis and the base of the mount.  I'm using light finger pressure to move the CW bar.  


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