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Roland Christen

Both mounts would work nicely for you. The Mach2 is more foolproof so making mistakes in calibration of Sync won't get you lost. It is easy to recover with the Mach2 encoder mount because it continually keeps track of where the axes are pointed, even when the clutches are loosened and you move the scope around manually.

The key to getting good astrophotos is to nail the polar alignment. That can be done any number of ways, either with our polar scope, or with electronic devices (which require a computer). You can also do old fashioned drift alignment, but that requires a bit of patience.

Once you have good polar alignment, limit your exposures to the time period that produces round stars and simply stack many images. Typically almost any deep sky object will require at least 1 hour of total exposure, and for fainter ones perhaps as many as 5 - 10 hours. It matters little if you do 1 x 2 minutes or 2 times 10 minutes when using the modern Cmos imagers. Although DSLRs do work to some extent, they are nowhere near as good as a dedicated astrocamera, and a lot of those are getting quite affordable. Spring for the cooled version since noise is the #1 killer of good deep sky images.


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Hi All,
I’m looking for some advice on mounts, specifically MACH2 and 1100GTO.
I am a beginning imager.  I image at home and would roll the mount, tripod, etc. fully assembled out of the garage whenever I image and use a RAPAS for polar alignment.  I don’t want to add a computer to the setup. I have a MGEN autoguider but would prefer to not guide.  I plan on controlling the mount through a tablet or smartphone.
I’m not after world class images nor would I be collecting scientific data. Either mount would carry the imaging train (currently a DSLR and Stowaway and work up to a C11 someday). I’m located in Iowa so seeing won’t be the greatest.
Would the absolute encoders on the MACH2 be worth the additional cost for this situation?  After reading about absolute encoders it seems they are most beneficial to advanced imagers or amateurs actually doing science.


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