Re: Mach2 price and specs are now on the AP website

Joe Zeglinski

    The Mach2 will be excellent, but after having redesigned all its mechanicals, could there be a lower price for a slightly fewer arc-seconds accurate – lower cost – encoders?  Mount production would be the same for both full and light versions. Passing on the trade-off on accuracy versus price point, might keep everyone happy, and provide opportunities for new customers moving to the AP product line.
    Call it a “Mach-2-LIGHT”, to allow folks with shallower pockets to still enter the AP market, and with the same Mach-2 as a base, they could someday Upgrade by putting a newer, more powerful engine, in this excellent star ship.
    Of course, I don’t know how difficult it might be for AP production to make adapters to go from less expensive encoders, to the Very best ones,  as in recent AP mounts. Perhaps encoder “shape & size ” differences,  might not allow easy transition in the same Mach2 body.

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