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Terri Zittritsch

Thank you for the thoughtful response.    I wrote my post while flying across country without internet so it was a bit out of order as you were posting some other thoughts on pricing and value. I never thought I’d spend $10k on a mount until I’ve spent a couple of winters fiddling with my Atlas mount in the deep freeze.   So adding another couple is not going to dissuade me.   


BTW. You should have a genuine Vermont teddy bear to hold for such events. 

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We erred on the side of beefiness, improved stability over the original concept, more powerful motors and drive system that allows up to 20lb-ft of imbalance before stalling out the motors or slipping the clutches (you can change from a teeny Ortho to a TermiNagler and not have to move counterweights). In many cases when we originally had electronic and other component parts quoted, the prices increased significantly when we went to purchase them this year. We also added parts that were not on the mount at NEAF, in response to customer wishes for certain features such as thru-mount cabling that required more machined parts, more custom cables, connectors and internal components to keep everything nicely in place. We added APCC and a high capacity 24 volt regulated power supply as standard instead of optional.

Estimates were mine, so the pricing errors are also mine. I originally estimated based on simply adding encoders to the Mach1 with minimal other changes, but as the design progressed it became quickly apparent that it was not so easy to fit everything into that package without major changes. During the redesign of the internals we had some mission creep with suggestions by our staff to add this and that desirable feature, and by myself demanding to make things more and more precise as i was testing the various prototypes under sky conditions. Above all I wanted this mount to be able to carry a fairly large imaging system, which nowadays sometimes consists of two side-by-side scopes with cameras, computers, interface modules that do everything except make tea. At times we drove our chief design engineer nuts, but he persevered and came out with a superb final package that we all could love.

Meanwhile Marj spent every waking hour this summer trying to keep track of all the changes, getting suppliers lined up, and getting the best estimates on machining costs, overhead etc to come up with a final price. I myself did not know where it would come in, and when Karen and Marj sat me down yesterday to go over all the costs and present the final price, they first gave me a teddy-bear (actually Opus) to hold while they unveiled the price news.


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Marj, I put my name on the list before it was announced, Mach 1 timeframe, so should I expect to be contacted?    I was also first to put a deposit on one at OPT who told me they were going to get a couple of first batch.   Should I expect you to be contacting them as well?

20% is quite a big uplift from what you said the target was at NEAF.    Can you say what  features were added that raised the price so much (referencing comment by Roland). Puts the whole package into the high 11’s to 12k+range.  Getting up there for your lowest end mount.  


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We have some pretty long lists of people who are interested. We are presently notifying people who had signed up on the Mach1GTO list before it was closed..
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And it's ALREADY out of stock! :)
Very nice! Will have to pass this round, but maybe the next...unless I'm like 1000 on the list.

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