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Joe Zeglinski

    I have seen and had similar difficulties “pasting” a picture into the text area of a personal LIVE MAIL email. Forgotten now, what method I tried, and only got a non-opening “X” icon place holder substitution  for the image. 
    Likewise, COPY & PASTE completely ignores the command, at the cursor position.
    However, I always succeed in pasting an image, if I first display it on-screen then use the Win-10 SNIP tool to capture a rectangular area of it. This immediately has TWO results. First SNIP tool creates a new screen containing the snipped area, and you can use the SAVE AS to save it as a picture file. But, the snip is also simultaneously stored to your CLIPBOARD – which easily pastes into the body of a Microsoft client like LIVE MAIL.
    This always works, in emailing. However, the only actions you can do on the pasted image is shrink/expand it via handles, to get more snips in, beside it, Otherwise, the cursor is then positioned at the snip pasted bottom right corner, which you can simply hit Return, to add more text to your message (below or above the paste).
    The other “traditional” Windows KEYBOARD method – (yes, for the Millenials, a keyboard is as obsolete as a pencil is for texting) -  for just about any Win-version, is to display the image on screen in its own window, click on to capture (just that)  window to clipboard – and THAT will easily paste into the body of your email, and can then be resized. Or, if you would like to capture the entire Windows desktop, use   , which is handy if you would like to paste more than one image (montage), in the same paste.
    SNIP is a really  nice tool, even better and easier to use than ALT---PRNTSCRN.   I consider it the modern “mouse-method,” version replacing the old “keyboarding method”, has several more options in the menu, with exactly the same result for “HTML format  email”,  pasted images.
Joe Z.

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I have the same experience. If I read the post from my email I can see the pictures. If I go onto the forum I don't see them; just the "X" and it is not even red.

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