Re: Mach2 update and discussion of features

Thomas Swann

In my private yahoo group, I was able to attach messages by simply pasting them into GMail, Hotmail, and Thunderbird.  I was not able to get it to work with the webmail clients (Horde and Roundcube) that I have available on the server that hosts my domain, so it does seem like there is some dependency on the email client that is posting the message. 

Using the "Attach" option did not work in my private group when I matched the settings of this group "Attachments are not permitted.".  When that option was enabled in my private group, it put a link in the message with a thumbnail.  The full images could then be viewed in the Yahoo Groups web interface by following the "More" menu items to attachment, but AP would have to change the group settings for that to work here.

Sending to this group through my server with Thunderbird worked (using two different methods), and it looks like Tim his message with the embedded images using Apple Mail.

With Thunderbird, for the first image of the 2012 Venus transit I simply copied the image into the clipboard and pasted it into the message, and for the second image of the 2017 solar eclipse, I used "insert->html" and manually crafted an HTML remote link to an image on one of my servers.

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