Re: Remote desktop software weird behaviour

Joe Zeglinski

    Certainly seems reasonable.
    So, comparing RADMIN to TeamViewer, besides our telescope, our family  and friends we help remotely, would each have to pay their own  one-time fee, so we could login to help them with PC’s as needed. For a remote telescope, its PC would have to be a server with RADMIN license  at each end, in order to login to control it, plus one more copy at home, to access home PC files when we visit the remote site for service, or from any other location. This begins to add up somewhat, and get complicated.
    But may be better than other options.

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Your Radmin purchase will include:

·         Perpetual licensing, one-time fee
·         Minor upgrades
·         Free Radmin Viewer: system administrators and users may access their remote computers from anywhere
·        Free Radmin mass deployment and setup tools
·        Technical support via ticket system
·         No hidden costs

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