Re: Remote desktop software weird behaviour

Joe Zeglinski

    That is EXACTLY the problem !  Contacting a business – in either direction, with you initiating the link, or you receiving the link, is “commercial use.
    Howard ... i.e. Astro Physics is a “commercial location”, so small wonder you got caught. You cannot even “contact a business” or you become complicit in TV’s illegal use. I strongly suspect the reason I got banned was because I permitted Microsoft to login into my home PC using LogMeIn app, to test the source of a software problem. Of course “one of us” was a commercial establishment, so no wonder.
    We have to be VERY careful about our PC’s using a “commercial link”. The TV clerk asked me if I EVEN used TeamViewer while having a coffee at an internet cafe, and used their free WiFi connection, just to check my home PC. THAT is using TV from or at a commercial establishment – so fair game, as well.
    Basically,, you can’t just about go to the bathroom and take your mobile with TV active on it, and not get TeamViewer to banish you. It really is NOT worth using any longer. There has to be some better free provider than TeamViewer, one that isn’t so anal retentive.

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They were saying   ME OR A CONTACT  is using it commercially?  Has AP signed up to use it commercially?  Though I haven't had Horward connect up in over a year. I wonder if he was flagged and those he's connected to?
I just was clicking around teamviewer to see if I could reset it and found  "contacts from recent sessions" list which includes  Howard4AP.

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