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Roland Christen

Please call George at AP and explain to him what you are trying to do. Tell him the steps you are using and he m,ay be able to figure out where things are going wrong. I start my mount every night using the keypad and SkyX and always land the object or star on the chip, somewhere near canter. Most nights I start an hour before sunset, bring up a bright star like Vega using H-a filter and .03 sec exposure so i can center it, do a focus run and be ready for imaging as son as the sun has set and twilight ends. I never have to look for it, the star is always on the chip at 1300mm focal length on my small QSI 683 sensor. Doesn't matter if i use SkyX or the keypad to slew to the target, either way the star is always there. There is no reason why your system can't do the same.

I could outline my sequence for you, but some people have their own favorite way. In my case I turn on power and let the keypad do its thing. I never tell it what to do since I always use Autostart = YES. It has never failed me. After power is on, I simply connect SkyX to the mount and the cursor shows where I'm pointed. Can't get any easier than that.


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Hi Jimmy.
A. I always use same fast current PC w/ USB 3.0 ports, time is accurate per GMT, Park pos 3, The latest TSX, AP Driver 5.20.09., Park position " Last Park ". I assume hand controller time follows PC Time, although I suppose I could have an hour error ( DST ) on Hand Controller as I am way off in RA.
B. It has always come up with major RA error. So I do RA slew, then sync, later Park Mount. 
On Power Up I have to repeat process.
C. If there is no way to get around this repeating problem, I will try fooling mount by moving RA some in Park 3 position when power is off.
tnx agn, Mike

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