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Ron Kramer

I got banished. I filled the form. I got a msg like yours that I was restored. (but when I run it - I still get the commercial warning). = (
There is another option FREE called   NOMACHINE.   in case. = ( 
I prefer remote desktop - it's higher res. But if drops out a lot. And I then revert to team viewer during those events.
My dome is 300 ft from the house as well.

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Hi Steve,
    Out  of curiosity - how long did it take between your filling out the TV claim form, until TeamViewer staff got around to re-instating you?
    Also, did you ever figure out how their AI program made its mistake in your use?
    I strongly suspect that in my case, it confused my Win-10 being logged into - with my permission - by Microsoft tech support investigating a problem I had reported. Four different members of their team used their commercial LogMeIn program for this, about 6 or 8 times over the course of two months, so maybe the TV AI app can’t distinguish between “incoming and outgoing initiations”  of such use, even by other competing programs. It just knows that “some business entity” was used in my PC.. Perhaps that is why the Chat Line clerk asked me if I had ever used TeamViewer from an internet cafe, or even while visiting some business office, If so, then the AI is far too sensitive and doesn’t discriminate someone using TV in the field, while perhaps just waiting in a lobby  for an appointment.
In my case, neither was true – but Microsoft was permitted to control my PC, without restrictions.
    I also notice that perhaps in recent TV version updates, TeamViewer “Extras” option check marked setting to have TV drop back into the Win Task Bar when idle or closed down, “cannot be unchecked”, in the Free version. That setting is active and grayed out. This must be how their AI is sniffing on our PC activity, even when we are NOT logged in using TeamViewer. Very sneaky.
The paid versions wouldn’t need that option to always be on, and can be unchecked by such commercial users, since TeamViewer doesn’t care then.
    The other possibility is that (some) programs like LogMeIn (etc.) which compete with TV, may find TV on a customer’s PC, and “purposely leave” tell-tail trash behind,  of their “commercial login”,  for TV to discover and subsequently ban the Free user – thus rewarding themselves with a potential new customer for their own program app.
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So as expected I received an email from TV this morning :

Thank you very much for sending your self-declaration of personal use to us.
We have successfully reset the TeamViewer ID you submitted via the form provided earlier, and we acknowledge that you are using TeamViewer for personal use only.
With your signed declaration, we took additional steps to make sure your TeamViewer ID remains reset.”

And it goes on to say that it can be revoked if they detect commercial usage….


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