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Mike Shade

Wonder when/if you folks might make an adapter for Fujifilm X mount cameras (like my XT3) so I can attach it to the field flattener I use on my 130GT?...Currently it is configured for Nikon, would love to try the Fuji...if I could plumb it together properly.


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Yes, it will. I just updated the website to state that clearly. I had updated most products last night, but that was one that hadn’t been done yet. I also added a couple of new products and will start a new thread to discuss those.

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I currently have a Mach1 and I have the Losmandy field tripod adapter attached to a permanent pier. I use the Astro-Physics LT2APM adapter to connect the Mach1 to it. The web site says the LT2APM will attach to the 400,600,900,1100 and Mach1. Will the new Mach2 attach to the LT2APM?



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