Yes, thanks Ray!!  More options are always better.  Appreciate the effort to make this happen!


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Thanks, Ray.



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Hi Clement,

> From a practical point of view, what would be the advantage of switching from ASCOM to INDI/INDIGO for
> someone who has a simple very reliable ASCOM setup (Intel NUC/WIN10 out side, WIN10+ RDPWrap inside)?

There is no advantage to switching to INDI if you are running your control software on Windows. In fact that would result in a massive loss of features and a vast reduction of compatible client software applications.

However ASCOM only runs on Windows at this time so INDI (or Software Bisque's API) are the only choices if you want to run on a Mac or LINUX-based computer.

That said, there is a plan in progress to allow both INDI and ASCOM interfaces for AP-mounts to be used on all three operating systems. 

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