Re: NGC 7000 with CMOS camera

Michael Fulbright <mike.fulbright@...>

I routinely use 0.5s to 5s flats.  You just need to match flat darks (darks the same length as your flats) at the same gain value.

Calibration has never been an issue on my 1600.

Michael Fulbright

On 8/24/19 10:16 PM, Mike Dodd mike@... [ap-gto] wrote:

On 8/24/2019 9:31 PM, Robert Chozick rchozick@... [ap-gto] wrote:
> The problem is that you cannot use bias on a CMOS camera. Any exposure
> less than 3 seconds is not advisable (not an engineer so not sure why)..
> So if you cannot use a bias frame on your flats you have to use flat
> darks.

I don't understand what's magic about 3 seconds. ZWO specifies an
exposure range of 32μs-2000s for the '1600 and the '294. I have seen no
issues with flats exposed for less than 1 second with my '1600.

--- Mike

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