COMs Issue in APCC

Steve Reilly

When I woke up this morning I found my roof open and mount pointing in the NW. This was well past the time the shutdown script should have run in ACP. The clock in ACP’s console showed 5:18:48, not running, and everything connected. So I looked to make sure APCC was up and running as it was. I did see that there had been some COM errors but they started at 07:04:26 and the last entry was at 08:24:02. I took screen captures of both the full screen with ACP and the programs running. The camera, rotator, mount, and focuser were all still connected. The mount, an AP1200GTO is still using the CP3 with current firmware and ASCOM driver. Concerned about the chance of storms I needed/wanted the telescope parked (Park 4) and roof closed. I used the Telescope park command in ACP to park the mount which responded as expected, parked the mount, and then closed the roof as it’s configured to do on Park. The telescope position in ACP never changed, in fact it still shows  RA:23:02:33.9 and DEC:+58 18’ 21” and the time of 05:18:48. The shutdown script is loaded but hitting the Run button does nothing. I’ve left the system running short of parking the mount, closing the roof, warming the sensor, shutting down the camera (it’s 98.2 degrees outside) but now after talking to Bob he said ACP is waiting on some communication……


None of this makes sense to me but that’s what’s happened. I have had ACP “wait” for park long after the scope had parked and when I opened the ASCOM Driver and parked the mount again ACP finally responded. This wasn’t the case here as the shutdown observatory script hadn’t even run although it was posed to. I ended just closing everything and rebooting…..till maybe next time.


Anyone have an experience such as this? This is a Windows 7 64 bit system fully updated. Typically the system runs extremely well. Whether it’s a timing thing or a COMs ting I have no clue but would like to be able to determine if there’s a way. Here are two screen captures from this morning.





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