Re: setting APCC Pro Meridian delay

Ray Gralak

Hi Dave,

APCC's meridian limit can stop tracking or park the mount when the limit is reached. This is independent of the meridian delay, which sets the mount's flip point. You can enable meridian limits without having APCC change the mount's flip point (meridian delay) by not enabling Counterweight up Slews within "East Limits" and "West Limits" on APCC's "Meridian" tab.

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I have a remote setup with my ap1200 with APCC pro. I am trying to set up protection for a meridian flip that
does not occur from a script stoppage (this happened last night for the first time in 5 months). Currently the script
is set to do a meridian flip upon crossing the meridian and completion of the current exposure. i have had the
script stop after the meridian flip and was saved by the APCC Pro horizon limit. In reading the APCC pro
manual, I can not find any direct discussion on this type of protection. but it appears that if i set the meridian
delay to a negative number, say -0.4 for a 24 minute delay in the meridian flip and select the result as "park
mount" this would provide the protection i desire. Have I interpreted the manual correctly, 1) negative sign, 2) In
another part of the meridian manual section, it recommends not using the meridian limits if remote. Implementing
only a meridian delay seems like it would be safe for you agree?



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