Ascom 6 / Saving Elevation setting: Weird behavior

Rodolphe G.


I'm really new to this group, so please pardon my ignorance if this topic has already been addressed (I did search the forum before posting).

I was fortunate enough to acquire a second hand Mach1 + CP4 lately, and I'm absolutely delighted by the mount .

I face a small issue with the ASCOM driver (using the latest version: 5.20.09, firmware VCP4-P01-13), though:

  1. If I set the elevation in the ASCOM driver (645 m in my case), close the driver, then reload it, it then shows 6450 m
  2. if I close the driver, not changing anything, then reopen it, then it displays 64500m
  3. If I do 2. again, then I get an error, Elevation field highlighted.
Am I doing anything wrong?

My setup, just in case there could be an influence:
Running Win10, EN-US version, located in Switzerland.
Locale settings: 
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Regional format: English (Switzerland)
  • Decimal symbol: "," (comma) -- this is the standard format
Thanks in advance for any suggestion/help.


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