Re: Remote desktop software weird behavior

Joe Zeglinski

    I was wondering if the AI is collecting info and counting how many times an outside program is “providing support” to us as a non-commercial user. Then, when the count reaches a threshold of intolerance, your next use of a web browser, gives the TeamViewer local PC AI program to upload its stats to TV head office in Germany.
    If you never use the laptop to connect to the internet, then your idea of restricting TV use to the LAN might be fine. It may also require you to change the OPTIONS Setting  “Allow LAN connections” – to ACCEPT EXCLUSIVELY”. Otherwise, the bare “ACCEPT” option, still allows TV head office AI direct connection, even as you are restricting yourself to the LAN (inclusively), for the backyard telescope.
    One other thing I just discovered about TeamViewer Banishment.
It is still possible to use TV from a different PC in the house, to reach other ID numbers of family PC’s, since the other in-house TV has a different ID number. However, I found that “the person I was trying to reach” when I got hit, was also “tagged” by the TV AI sniffer, at the same time. That remote PC could login to my other PC and its TV, but I still could not login to the original remote session ID, even from a different PC. So, when the AI locks out the initiating PC, it also affects incoming TV connections on the remote PC – in effect harming two systems at the same time – the banned initiator/helper and the helped person at the other end, trying to be reached.
That (local ?) AI really is nasty.

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