Re: Remote desktop software weird behaviour

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Ross,
    You are indeed right in what you say, comparing the seemingly minor outlay for something like TeamViewer – but it is a matter of principle. A $100 here, then more $100’s  for some other support items. How many PC software subscriptions are we all, especially seniors on fixed dwindling incomes - willing to pay, for various things, and each one triggers  yet another monthly or annual payment, digging into our credit card or bank. Easy to eventually build up many hundreds of dollars for such “recurring minor” expenses, for which, while essential are not used that often. The various  $100’s for subscriptions won’t break the Bank – THEY rarely do, before they break us.
    Meanwhile, an AP mount or an AP scope is a once in a lifetime, much treasured purchase, using hard earned retirement money saved over decades, to be spent only “on fulfilling Dreams of yesterday’s Tomorrows”.
TeamViewer and other such “tools” aren’t as nearly important or even essential, in comparison to owning any AP product.

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Honestly, if you own an AP mount then spending 100 bucks on software really cannot break the bank :).


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Ross, what do you mean by dummy video plugs?

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Windows remote desktop is only good on a LAN. On a LAN it's by far the better product. I use dummy video plugs in my (3) remote computers so that I can use dual screens when imaging. Much easier on my aging eyes to not have to peer at small stuff on a screen.


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Windows Remote Desktop. Free. Works great. Requires Windows Pro on the target machine.

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I also have the same problem, they seem to be new TV policies (or malfunctioning algorithm).
In any case I have been testing RealVNC with good results. I have also heard very good reviews about Google Chrome Remote Desktop. Both for free.

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