Re: Remote desktop software weird behavior

Ross Salinger <rgsalinger@...>

The "pro" upgrade just unlocks the features on my machine - it's a license upgrade, not a whole new OS. Double check me but I've done this a couple of times and that's my memory of the process.

I've used Teamviewer where there is no internet, just my own tiny router, and it worked just fine so I'm not sure that when used on a LAN that any data is flowing over to TV's servers.


On 8/13/2019 8:40 AM, george.labelle@... [ap-gto] wrote:

The problem with RealVNC (free version) is that it is "Cloud" based only. I'd rather have a direct connect over local lan, mainly because I'm in a rural area (at 4,100 ft ;-) and ISP is over uW with data metering.

While I agree $100 for Win10Pro doesn't seem like much, there's still the danger and hassle of having to upgrade the whole OS. 

And the question wasn't answered - do you need Pro on both host and controller?

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