Re: Remote desktop software weird behaviour

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Bill,
    I initially started out using Microsoft Remote Desktop, about 15 years ago, and still would  continue using it, but then discovered the major benefit of using TeamViewer – until now of course. I even purchased only Windows Pro versions, so I could use their RDP.
    Besides the problem of being available ONLY on Windows PRO, what bothered me about MS RDP and made me switch, was that it would not keep the joined session windows visible on BOTH host  and client screens. I would start out setting up the backyard scope with its (remote, host) RDP and everything was fine. Then when I login from the client PC in the house, the backyard laptop RDP window would go dark – and vice versa. I had to login at one or the other to use the connection.
    The above was especially difficult when I needed to go back to the scope to do something requiring its laptop, and I would have to first log out at the indoor client, in order to have the scope side window return. This is unacceptable in a crucial moment when I need to run out to save a run-away telescope mount, and needed the screen up and visible for control, without having to fumble for login again, sometimes with cold fingers in winter. The TeamViewer system leaves both PC’s windows (keyboard, mouse) displayed and active.
    However, it seemed to me at the time of my change, that Microsoft RDP screen image was clearer, and reacted faster than TeamViewer – and RDP never lost connection, whereas TV dropped out  a lot of times. The latter was solved by setting up and running using my local LAN’s  IP address, rather than the 9-digit customer ID number, just to go full circle around the world on the internet to get back to the other PC, only 20 feet away!
    I will miss using TeamViewer, even if we settle this argument with their artificial intelligence lurker. I am now fully convinced that the bug in TeamViewer’s  AI Sniffer is that it CANNOT differentiate between a PC “receiving” help from a website (e.g. Microsoft Tech Support logging in using LogMeIn app) – and the potential TV user actually using the program to “provide” commercial tech support.
    So, eventually we get banned by TeamViewer, falsely accused without proof of breaking its rules for non-business use.
Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop doesn’t care how we use its services. Just wish MS would leave both screens, keyboards, and mice,  active in the RDP window – then I might switch back at least for “local scope” use.

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Windows Remote Desktop. Free. Works great. Requires Windows Pro on the target machine.

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I also have the same problem, they seem to be new TV policies (or malfunctioning algorithm).
In any case I have been testing RealVNC with good results. I have also heard very good reviews about Google Chrome Remote Desktop. Both for free.

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