Re: Remote desktop software weird behaviour

Joe Zeglinski

Thanks Ross,
    I think I will now follow your lead and look at other free alternatives to the popular TV. Google Remote Desktop sounds interesting, Although,  even subscription based RDP programs can also be equally invasive.
    As I sat here tonight, stewing of being wrongly accused by some mindless AI corporate computer, I tried to think back on how the AI program came up with its conclusion of my using it, as their staff suggested, perhaps while being in “some business office”, and therefor used commercially. I had told George previously, here, that such checking would only most  likely happen if one uses the TeamViewer personal 9-digit global access ID pathway to reach another computer, instead of always, or mostly,  using the internal LAN IP number method to reach the backyard telescope computer.
    But then I realized that in fact, the TeamViewer app is constantly lurking as a background app on our PC – unless you option to close it down, completely,  after logging out of your sessions. Can’t be certain that logging out doesn’t leave an anonymous background lurker,  continuing its snooping. Even then it is probably logging where else you have visited, or have been visited by some business.
    In my case, the only “corporate use of my PC” was by Microsoft Tech Support, via their “LogMeIn” program to run my PC while investigating a Win-10 problem,  several times over the past month. I wonder if the background TeamViewer AI Lurker interpreted Microsoft’s access as “my being in a business relationship  with Microsoft”, logged it in its file on my PC hard drive, and during a regular corporate host computer check, uploaded such lies to their head office computer. Or, perhaps TeamViewer Corp.  doesn’t like competition from LogMeIn,  in the tech support, remote login business.
    It now seems scary that a seemingly benevolent and apparently generous company, or its free software AI,  is unsafe. Since it isn’t a virus, none of the virus checkers would deem it dangerous enough to block it. Guess we have to wait for a staff whistle blower.
    Have we, the honest, honourable,  and faithful TeamViewer patrons,  let this free “Gift of a Trojan Horse” pass through our defences, into our house PC, without knowing what else it is doing for its employer? I wonder if we should now look at other such  “free gift horses in their mouths”, as they say – including Microsoft RDP or Google RDP. Perhaps the actual “hidden fee” is in their continual surreptitious “Data Mining” of our PC’s  activities, just as web site ads do without permission.
Too bad that TeamViewer’s AI,  whether remote or local, can’t be trusted – nor can any other AI, for that matter.
Please excuse the rant after suffering these recent burns, but hey, be careful out there.

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