Re: Remote desktop software weird behaviour

Joe Zeglinski

Hi again George – and everyone here using TeamViewer
    Well, I spoke too soon, back on Aug. 5th.
    Just like you, I too suddenly got a “TV 5-minute time out”, then another after I waited patiently for it to elapse before retrying, followed then -  by cancellation message on TV, of my FREE non-commercial TV privileges. Ended up with a CHAT pre-sales clerk, wanting to sell me something. After a short discussion, she says that their “sniffer ALGORITHM” determined that I was using it commercially. She asked if I used it while in some Office?
    Being retired, I not stepped into an office for 20 years, nor have ever used it in an Internet Cafe, I suggested that either Marketing has run amuck, or somebody in their IT dept. or a virus, has been messing with their damned AI’s system Algorithm.
    So, like so many others, I filled out the required “Private Use Only Form”  for them,  and will see what marketing does now. I expect an apology, at the very least – or news of this practice is soon going viral on the web.
    Don’t we just love Artificial Intelligence – just when we thought it was limited to the idiots in government.

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