Re: Remote desktop software weird behavior

Thomas Swann

If you're only 300' from your observatory, then I assume that your observatory PC and the PC in your house are (or could be) on the same local network.  Is there a reason you're not just using Microsoft RDP to control the observatory PC?

On 8/5/2019 12:14 AM, george.labelle@... [ap-gto] wrote:


I have been using TeamViewer (free version) for several years to remotely control my observatory, only 300 feet away.  All of a sudden, this year, I get disconnected in the middle of a session, with an alert that there is “suspicious activity” and I may be using TV for commercial use!?!? You cannot reconnect for 5 Minutes, whereupon you get 5 more minutes before you are disconnected again. I see many complaints about this now, and TV wants you to go to their site, affirm that you are not using it for commercial purpose and maybe they’ll get back to you in a week. Lesson learned. You get what you pay for. For a mission critical application like this, I will no longer rely on “free” software.

GoToMyPC is the highest rated remote desktop SW around, apparently. So, I downloaded the 7 day trial. I ran it through the hoops, APCC, ASCOM V2 driver, The Sky 6, and SGP. At the end of a session, I disconnected the V2 driver, then disconnected APCC. APCC would not shut down, claiming other programs were connected – the V2 driver! I could not get the V2 driver to end, gracefully. I finally killed it, shut everything down and started over. This time, I only brought up APCC, connected to the mount, then connected V2. Same problem, V2 would not disconnect.

Looking over the remote desktop field, I decided to try Remote Utilities. Free – even for commercial use on limited numbers of PCs  (if push comes to shove, it is a one time  $99 purchase). I installed this and ran the same 2 scenarios as above, but the V2 drive disconnects as it should and there was no problem!? Weird. Cannot explain it, but Remote Utilities looks like my replacement for TeamViewer.

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