Re: Remote desktop software weird behavior

Joe Zeglinski

Hi George,
    At over $700 a seat for “commercial use of their TeamViewer” program, it seems reasonable to just make the contact and explain that you are using it strictly for personal astronomy, and not as a tech support person. I think you may have downloaded a new copy and specified it would be for business – possible error?
    The other thing I found, some years ago,  was that if you are using TV only 300 feet away, then DO NOT use the 9 digit user ID, but go into EXTRAS in the menu, and change the OPTIONS, (General, Incoming LAN connections) to the IP address of the host PC (laptop) at the telescope. The 9-digit ID code is fine if your telescope is really remote, off-site, so you have no choice but to trust the internet signal stability, but you need not do that transmitting to the backyard.  That way you aren’t going across the continent, or an ocean, to their head office in Germany for a host login – and then all the way back to your backyard.
    The IP method, is local, to just your house. That would explain “drop outs” because you can’t trust the internet to be as stable, as the short hop from your modem/router, rather than the thousands of miles, across many network nodes on the planet to get to TeamViewer base.
Check the other menu tabs for interesting settings, as well. I suspect you just used TV as-is without investigating the EXTRAS tab. It really is a great program, once you discover the proper option settings.
    I wonder if that rash of disconnections and reconnections, made it appear as though you were contacting different (business) support clients each time. They don’t know who is at the other end, just that you made a lot of short connections in a very short period – so it looks suspicious to their computer activity
    The other common cause of drop outs is running your microwave oven near the client PC in the house (e.g. kitchen ?), or other 2.4 GHZ  such devices ( for greatest range) conflicting with your router signal using almost the same frequency – e.g. neighbour’s security camera, nursery room monitor, cordless phone handset, kids gaming devices, garage door openers, etc. etc. They can interrupt or drop your connection, and then ...  don’t even bother paying any attention to the TV pop-up, saying that it is “Reconnecting” – it always fails. After about 11 minutes, I find it just gives up. The far quicker method, for your client PC, is to simply close the active TeamViewer client Window as soon as you see the drop out, and click on the TV Login quickly again. You will be reconnected in a matter of a few seconds, without losing a heartbeat of the scope’s activity, since it wasn’t even aware that the client's connection was lost – when its scope PC was just carrying on with what it was doing – control, imaging, etc.
    If you can get TV working again, it is probably far better to have something you are familiar with using.
Joe Z.

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