Re: Recovery of a Lost Mount

Ross Salinger <rgsalinger@...>

I guess my real question is ---- Can I just power cycle the mount and the computer when I think that the mount is lost for any reason (but has not been moved) and go from there? I think that this works if I am resuming from "last parked" which is what I am doing anyway.


On 7/31/2019 5:54 PM, Christopher Erickson christopher.k.erickson@... [ap-gto] wrote:

Plate solves can fail for a number of innocent reasons.

1. The odd cloud passing through.

2. Proximity to the Moon.

3. Local transient light trespass. 

4. Low transparency. 

5. Dew.

6. The odd police helicopter in the neighborhood.

7. Observatory lights left on.

8. Optics not yet thermally stabilized for the night.

9. Bad local seeing for some reason.

10. Slipped optical coupling point someplace.

11. Loose screw(s) someplace in the OTA or mount connections.

12. Transient guest in the observatory who accidentally disturbed something.

13. Shift due to earthquake or nearby heavy construction.

14 You get the idea...

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