Re: Recovery of a Lost Mount

Joe Zeglinski

Hi Rolando,
    I’ve always wondered about your RULE #1 and that PARK-3 is assured to be a completely “stable safe  position”.
Aren’t you assuming that the telescope is “counterweight heavy”  in the first place?
What happens if the OTA is slightly heavier, and a robin lands on it while one is  distracted, momentarily attending to something else?
    I find it more reassuring to get some rope and at least tie the counterweight bar from both sides,  as you would a horse’s bridle,  to something solid like a picnic table, just to make sure “Murphy’s Rule” doesn’t override Rule #1.
    At least Rule #1 protects the RA worm gear teeth from being racked in a runaway, as they might in the other orientations.

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