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Mike Shade

Thanks for the info...I am using Sky 6, NOT SkyX...same apply?

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The AP driver is the only choice that will work. That SKYX driver is used when you are connecting something in addition to the SKYX to a Paramount.

When using ACP, the correct Guiding Via choice is Ascom Direct. When not using ACP the correct choice, when not using an ST4 cable is Telescope.

Note also that there is an ACP telescope hub that you can connect the SKYX to. I use it along with ACP on an AP1600 that I just got access to about a week ago.

That makes the SKYX a great Planetarium program while allowing you to have ACP controlling things as well. At least this works for me.


On 6/29/2019 11:40 AM, Mike Dodd [ap-gto] wrote:

On 6/29/2019 1:53 PM, Mike Dodd [ap-gto] wrote:
4. Choose the appropriate ASCOM driver for your mount.
I noticed after I posted my reply that you're using ACP, as do I. I did
NOT select the "ACP ASCOM telescope hub" or whatever it's called. I DID
choose "Astro Physics ASCOM driver" or something similar. I am told that
MaxIm connects to the mount, so if you want to do that without ACP
running, you can't use the ACP ASCOM hub.

Once I made my selection, MaxIm found the mount and calibrated/guided
correctly without ACP running.

And.... Even though I have TheSkyX and have connected my AP1200 mount to
it, I did NOT choose the SkyX ASCOM driver, if that even appeared in the
list. The A-P driver looked like the best choice for Maxim to connect
without other programs running, and that proved correct.

--- Mike

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