Re: ASCOM guiding

Mike Dodd

On 6/29/2019 1:53 PM, Mike Dodd mike@... [ap-gto] wrote:
4. Choose the appropriate ASCOM driver for your mount.
I noticed after I posted my reply that you're using ACP, as do I. I did NOT select the "ACP ASCOM telescope hub" or whatever it's called. I DID choose "Astro Physics ASCOM driver" or something similar. I am told that MaxIm connects to the mount, so if you want to do that without ACP running, you can't use the ACP ASCOM hub.

Once I made my selection, MaxIm found the mount and calibrated/guided correctly without ACP running.

And.... Even though I have TheSkyX and have connected my AP1200 mount to it, I did NOT choose the SkyX ASCOM driver, if that even appeared in the list. The A-P driver looked like the best choice for Maxim to connect without other programs running, and that proved correct.

--- Mike

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