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Mike Dodd

On 6/29/2019 1:34 PM, 'Mike Shade' [ap-gto] wrote:

There was a thread recently about setting different guiding than a
guider cable...If anyone can comment that would be appreciated:

AP1600GTO/AP V2 driver/MaximDL ccd V51.8/SKY V6/SBIG STL 6303E/ACP/CDK 17

There are several setting in Maxim to choose from...guider relays, main
relays, telescope, micro-guide, and ASCOM direct. I have been using a
traditional guider cable for years but there was a bit here about ASCOM
guiding. I fiddled around with this some time ago but never had
successful results, likely had the wrong settings
I just did that, so I'll throw out what I learned.

1. Disconnect the ST-4 cable from your guide camera to the mount.

2. In MaxIm's Guide tab -> Settings -> Control Via, choose ASCOM Direct.

3. Below that, next to the grayed-out COM port, click the Setup button to bring up the ASCOM chooser.

4. Choose the appropriate ASCOM driver for your mount.

5. Click the Properties button to check/verify the driver's settings, then close that Dialog.

6. Click the OK button on the Chooser dialog.

7. Slew to a bright star and take a guider image to confirm it's in the FOV.

8. Enter the star's Dec in the MaxIm Guide tab.

9. Click the star's centroid and click Calibrate in MaxIm. You should get the expected L-curve.

10. Take another guider image, click the star's centroid, then click Track in MaxIm. Open the guide error graph to see how well autoguiding is working.

That's it. It worked great for me.


Mike Dodd
Louisa County, Virginia USA

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