Re: AP1100's is pointing off a little bit from time to time.

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The two things that come to mind quickly are: 1) how is the mount supported? Tripod on dirt? Permanent pier? It could be that your mount is losing polar alignment if the ground is shifting under it and that would throw your model out. 2) how are you ensuring that you have the exact correct time on the computer? If you computer clock is drifting very slightly day to day that might be it. Betting it is the mount is shifting tho.

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I am using AP1100AE. I use TheSkyX with Tpoint 260+ points. The first day that I did Tpoint, the pointing was dead-on on every area of the sky. After I ended imaging session each night. I did park scope via TheSkyX or APCC Pro. I parked to park position 3 every time.

I found that 2nd day after I did Tpoint, the pointing was a little bit off and 3rd day is more off. It more off from time to time. If I didn't do recalibrate with tpoint or resync the position using ImageLink. The point will not go center anymore. Anyway, pointing accuracy was not dead-on as it was the firstday I did Tpoint.

CP3 control box was the controller that came with the mount. But I bought CP4 and always use it. I update the firmware to the latest version P-11 or something like this.

I don't know why my munt is pointing off to star. Can anyone suggest me what can I do?

Thank you very much.
Best Regards,
Pornchai POP

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