Re: Reducing Counterweight Noise

Chad A

I think I found a solution.  Neatly applying packaging tape (I'm using Scotch clear tape) on the inside of the main CW hole greatly reduces the noise.  There's so little clearance between the CW's and the CW shaft that you can't have overlapping tape in any place - the CW won't fit if you overlap.  Sanding would be a more elegant solution but until that method is proven tape should work.  Wrapping a towel around the weights would also be a good alternative.

Wrapping tape around the CW shaft also works but the tape is visible and overlapping in any place will lead to problems.  Other things I tried were Saran wrap, wax paper, and construction paper but they were all too thick, flimsy, or difficult to apply.

The noise is present on both my AP1100 CW shafts and all of my weights so it's not a defect.  Most people won't view the noise as an issue.  If it bothers you the workaround mentioned above seems to work.  Slewing might be just as loud but the CW's make a unique sound which may attract more attention.

Thanks again for the responses and to Roland for inviting me to the shop.  I think I'll be happy with the tape method for now.  @Dale, yes, the police showed up while I was outside - I'm pretty sure the noise my neighbor heard was my air puffer, I can't say for sure though.  They approached very slowly and cautiously from the dark, not realizing it was a mounted telescope instead of something more exciting.

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