Re: Reducing Counterweight Noise

Chad A

I tried a few things this morning without success.  Silicone lubricant didn't reduce the noise at all.  Vaseline eliminates the noise but only if it's gobbed on heavily across the shaft - it's too messy to be a realistic solution.  I also tried carnuba wax which helped but was too messy.  

I may try a candle wax or furniture wax next but I'm not optimistic.  Sanding the shaft and/or CW bore holes might work but I don't really want to be the guinea pig for that.  The good news is the weights remain securely in place even when using lubricant.

Thanks for all of the comments and suggestions.  Some of my neighbors use window fans instead of A/C. It can probably be heard even with windows closed though.  The police showed up last fall just from the noise of a handheld air puffer - a neighbor got spooked and thought someone was knocking on her door.  I remove seven weights each night and it can draw attention.

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